Event Planning

As the organizer of the event, one has many responsibilities leading up to and during an event. Event planners free the event organizers so that they can focus on other tasks leading up to an event (i.e. the guest list) The advantages of an experienced event planner is the wealth of knowledge and connections that a planner has acquired to aid in running a smooth occasion. During the event, planners run the behind the scenes so that the organizer can attend and socialize at their event. When planning an event, planners consider a variety of vendors, collect vendor quotes, design decor, coordinate logistics, and manage the vendor team from the beginning to the end. This process creates the best stress free event possible.

Interior Design

Before you hire an interior designer, one should ask what is interior design? Interior design inspires and enhances a particular experience in any environment, whether an office cubicle, living room, retail store, or patio. Great interior design is achieved when the space adequately meets spatial needs, abides by safety code requirements, and is visually inspiring. Impressive design evokes responses from people based on how they feel while within a space. For example a living room can feel relaxing. A study room is perceived as motivating and focused. Moreover, designers are able to create spaces that restore and inspire people. Not just for picking colors, interior design improves the lives of those who inhabit a styled space.

WFU Office

The office of student engagement isn’t short of movement. They wanted the space to be fun and exciting for the events they plan on campus. All students at some point visit this office. The staff in the office desired openness for various group sizes. At the same time, they needed privacy for the full timeContinue reading “WFU Office”